Monthly Writing Challenge for March: Write More With Less

A new month means another monthly writing challenge. No matter where you are in your writing journey, consider writing a single story this month with this challenge prompt:

Write a short story of any length with one restriction—your sentences can only have a maximum of 10 words each.

The point of this challenge is to think more carefully about the words you use in each sentence. It also plays with sentence structure. You’d hate reading a book with long-winded sentences that ran on for paragraphs. (Hello, it’s why we affectionately make fun of Ernest Hemmingway.)

This short challenge will make you think twice as hard about how you write. You may never use it again, but you’ll move on to your next story with more awareness of your sentence variations and word choice.

Need help getting started? I have plenty of creative resources over on my mega list of helpful sites.

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