Positive Affirmations for Writers

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Writing can be a lonely craft.

If you want to publish anything in a contest, magazine, book, or otherwise, it always takes at least a few months to find out if your dream is even happening.

You might also share your work with people who don’t read like you do. Maybe they don’t give you the kind of craft encouragement you need. Maybe your closest friends and family don’t read at all, so you only write for yourself.

It can be lonely, but that doesn’t mean your work isn’t valid.

Read about the power of positive affirmations and repeat a few to yourself every day to strengthen your mental health.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

You don’t need to take a class to understand positive affirmations. They’re simply encouraging statements that redefine how you think about yourself.

Positive affirmations challenge and reverse negative thoughts by repeating a positive mantra that makes you feel more confident about yourself.

You can use positive affirmations as a self-care tool, to fall in love with yourself, to find confidence, and even manifest what you want from life.

Positive affirmations for creative writers focus on potential insecurities about the craft or your current abilities. If you repeat them every day or keep them somewhere you’ll see daily, you’ll slowly start to automatically think and believe the affirmations instead of previous negative thoughts.

Research shows that positive affirmations can make students more successful in schools and increase habitual self-esteem if repeated often.

Start with a few of these positive affirmations to get started. You can always refine the statements or add new ones to better suit your desire for confidence, healing, and growth.

Positive Affirmations for Writers

Here are a few affirmations I think every writer needs to hear sometimes. I keep a few tacked onto corkboards above my desk just for a little encouragement.

My writing matters.

My writing is a gift.

My words matter.

Inspiration comes at its own pace.

My writing has purpose.

I write for myself.

My words are light.

My writing is healing.

My craft is worth my time.

I am worthy of success.

My creativity is mine to wield.

I am here to write.

My inner critic is not the voice of truth.

I am allowed to embrace the joy of writing without perfection.

Taking breaks is good for my craft.

Rejection is not personal.

Rejection is redirection.

Try Positive Affirmations for Writers

You may find yourself growing creatively by cheering yourself on with positive affirmations. Try setting a daily reminder to practice saying them in the mirror or in your mind. You’ll start believing in yourself more authentically with practice, which may supercharge your writing along with your mental health.

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