Monthly Writing Challenge for April: Revisit One of Your Older Stories

Welcome to this month’s writing challenge prompt!

It can feel nerve-wracking to revisit an old story. Your writing abilities have likely grown by then and you may be embarrassed about how you wrote your previous narratives. (And if not—fabulous! That’s where I hope every writer finds themselves.)

It’s time to take your creative power back.

Revisit an old short story you wrote and take this month to rewrite it from another character’s perspective.

Maybe your story can get rewritten from your antagonist’s perspective or that of a supporting character. You can also add a character if you feel like the story is missing something. There’s no shame in adding to your old story.

In fact, that would bring you to the heart of this month’s writing challenge. This exercise is supposed to help you think of subplots. By approaching the plot from another character’s perspective, you’ll gain valuable insight onto the depth of your story.

You’ll take this perspective into future stories or novels you want to write by remembering to layer in other characters’ experiences. Readers love stories with rich subplots. They make the world more real and the characters more relatable.

Remember—have fun with this one! There’s no pressure to publish it anywhere or even have anyone read it. It’s just to practice your craft and grow as a writer.

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