Weekly Writing Challenge 14: Write About Someone Who Lives in a Sandcastle

Welcome to this week’s writing challenge prompt!

The weather’s warming up, so let’s take a trip to the beach.

What would it look like for someone to live in a sandcastle? This week, you can write a short story about someone who loves living where waves lap at their doorstep. 

Did they build their human-sized castle by hand? Maybe they found it waiting for them after a shipwreck. Or maybe your protagonist will be the size of a seashell and carve their way into an abandoned sandcastle after tourists leave the dunes for the day.

Writers are always imagining worlds where some or all of the world isn’t based in reality. Still, our brains try to ground things in the reality we’re familiar with.

This exercise will push you to think outside of what you’re used to. Make an untenable material like sand a place where your protagonist thrives. You’ll expand your creative skills and have a little fun in the process.

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