10 Travel Jobs for Writers

You don’t have to wait for a major publishing house to offer you a contract to make money with your writing skills. As long as you know how to keep a reader’s interest, you can try some of these travel jobs for writers.

Perks of Travel Writing Jobs

There are a few reasons why people love travel writing jobs. You get to see the world, which may be your passion if you love adventure. Your writing could consist of reviewing hotels, trip experiences, and even flights.

You might also travel to interview people or cover events for an employer. Maybe you want to write food reviews about international restaurants. There’s great freedom in travel writing jobs. You just have to find out more about the potential to make money doing what you love.

ZipRecruiter says the average travel writer makes $76,747 per year or $37 per hour. That can increase depending on who you write for, if you have a loyal readership audience, and if you’re self-employed.

Freelancers might make more money per project, but you’ll have to pay higher quarterly taxes (read about the self-employment tax rate and how it doubles your federal taxes, plus any laws in your state regarding filing taxes as a 1099 self-employed freelancer). People employed by companies who pay travel writers don’t have to pay the same taxes, but they’re also limited to writing for just their employer if they sign a non-compete clause.

Neither option is right or wrong. It just depends on what you like or dislike about the different employment options. Try both to see what fits your needs. You can always find jobs like the ones below in any industry.

Best Travel Jobs for Writers

Check out some of the best-paying travel jobs for writers, even if your career hasn’t started yet. Your writing skills can take you far in your professional life, but only if you pick a job that interests you.

1. Travel Magazine

The people behind Travel Magazine want to showcase authors who go on adventures and describe experiences for curious readers. You can pitch article ideas based on your recent or upcoming vacations, but they won’t accept any articles that have been published on other sites.

This kind of opportunity won’t be enough to pay the bills at first, but it’s a great opportunity to build your writing resume. Polish your grammar skills and pay attention to the brand’s required guidelines. You’ll want to save your future published articles in a digital portfolio for future pitches.

Travel Magazine’s Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: Not Listed, But Reports Average $0.25/word

2. Matador Network

The Matador Creator Community is another great place to find travel jobs for writers. They post regular calls for specific content, so pay attention to what they’re looking for. They often pay for details like flights, accommodations, activities, and meals. You’ll just have to turn in their requested content to get published.

Guidelines: Change Depending on the Assignment

Pay: Not Listed, But Reports Average $0.06/word

3. Lonely Planet

Readers regularly seek Lonely Planet’s reviews and articles to maximize how much fun they have on every vacation. They need freelance writers and people looking for permanent employment, but you’ll have to see what’s available when you’re read to start your travel writing career.

Lonely Planet Pitching Guidelines

Pay: Not Listed, But Reports Average $0.30/word


GoNOMAD provides travelers with everything they need to know about Airbnbs, travel alternatives, tips, transportation, and more. You could write about any aspect of travel you enjoy, including first-person accounts of recent trips.

Bonus points: they sometimes have room for travel writing interns on their team.

GoNOMAD Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $25/article

5. Wanderlust

Anyone can work for Wanderlust, which is a British travel publication that puts out just 10 issues each year. They don’t work with new writers, but they may publish your work if you have an impressive (or practiced) digital portfolio.

They aren’t always open to submissions, so check their guidelines page for updates. When they are, you can send a proposal outlining your idea. Include photos and any relevant writing experience to be considered and build your reputation as a travel writer.

It’s also crucial to remember that you’ll get constructive criticism on your writing from most publications, but especially high-end platforms like Wanderlust. Read up on how to take constructive criticism well so it doesn’t feel personal.

Editors want to put your best work on their platform, so they’ll push you to grow as a writer. You’ll need that encouragement to become better and make more money for your articles.

Wanderlust Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $232.66 per 1,000 words

6. ROVA Magazine

Anyone who has a special love for road trips can consider writing for ROVA magazine. The publication writes exclusively about road trips with content like tips, summaries, and first-hand accounts. Send your article pitch via their website form and wait to hear back on if they’ll publish your idea. If they like your style enough, they may accept regular submissions.

ROVA Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $200/article

7. Travel Pulse

Travel Pulse is another one of those sites travelers can’t live without. It publishes articles that save readers time and money while showing them how to have the most fun away from home. You could write about a niche international festival, things to do in specific cities, or travel tips you wish you learned before you started adventuring.

Travel Pulse’s Guidelines: Not Listed (Contact via Email for More Info)

Pay: $45 for 300–500 word articles and $150 for 1,000–2,000 word articles

8. Travel + Leisure

Writers who get published on Travel + Leisure get international recognition. The website gets global web traffic, so it’s great for building your freelance career and readership. They want articles from new and experienced writers who talk about luxury travel, budget-friendly trips, historical locations, wine reviews, private jet experiences, and more.

All you have to do is read their guidelines and pitch your idea to start a working relationship that builds your portfolio.

Travel + Leisure Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $0.25/word for online articles and $2/word for printed articles (flat rate provided upon acceptance of pitch)

9. Road & Travel

The people behind Road & Travel have a unique take on travel writing. They publish articles about road trips, camping, safety, and cars. Most of their readership is women, so some of their articles tend to focus on information and statistics that women care about. However, they do publish gender-neutral content as well.

Road & Travel Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $100 per approved article

10. Escapees Magazine

The team at Escapees Magazine publishes content for people who want to travel in an RV. Their website includes articles on things like RV-friendly destinations, how to take care of your home while you’re traveling, and tips for maintaining your RV.

If you have experience with RV travel or want to live on the road, check out their submission guidelines. They could be a great resource to build your travel writing portfolio.

Escapees Magazine Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $50–100 for filler articles and $100-200 for feature articles

Other Potential Avenues for Traveling Writers

Pitching ideas and waiting for responses isn’t the only way to earn an income as a travel writer. You can also make money by following these career paths:

  • Start a travel blog and make money from ads, sponsorships, and affiliate links.
  • Research national or international travel magazines and apply for open positions on their websites.
  • Create a travel-focused Instagram and gain a big following to get sponsorships.

Don’t forget that you can combine travel writing jobs if you have an entrepreneurial spirit! Anyone who’s great with time management, deadlines, and self-sufficiency can easily write for multiple publications at one time. Just ensure you didn’t sign a non-compete clause with any publication before writing similar content for another employer.

Browse Potential Travel Jobs for Writers

Anyone with a love for traveling can look into travel jobs for writers that help expand their portfolio. Keep a collection of every article with your name on it. As you pitch to publications or apply to full-time positions, you’ll use published content from opportunities like these to showcase your skills.

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