Weekly Writing Challenge 15: Write a 300-Word Story About a Greek God

Welcome to this week’s writing challenge prompt!

Mythology always takes human-centric problems and portrays them through gods. This week, I want you to pick a Greek god that interests you most. (Don’t know any of them? Research gods from other mythology sources and find one that resonates with you.)

Next, pick a central theme or conflict. If your god is the most powerful, maybe your short story involves them losing that power or regaining it. Maybe you want to write about a god creating their power to help humans or regretting a choice they made that affected the world.

The main focus of this week’s writing challenge is writing a complete story in just 300 words. Depending on how you format your document, that could be one page or less. 

Practice writing flash fiction using a plot device humans have used for centuries—mythology. You’ll already have your protagonist ready to go. You only need to pick your theme or primary conflict.

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