10 Places to Write Your Stories

Where we write can play a big role in how much work we can get done. The problem is that we won’t stay in the same environment for our entire lives. That’s why you should explore potential places to write your stories—your writing routine will have to adapt to your daily life.

If you recently started living somewhere new or changed where your daily routine happens, you may have noticed yourself struggling to engage with your writing.

You may find more success by trying new writing locations. These are a few locations that often work (they did for me!) and may become your new favorite spot to open your WIP.

1. The Outdoors

Do you have a porch? A backyard? A bench somewhere in a shady part of your school campus? Try writing out there. Research shows that fresh air and different sensory details energize the creative part of your brain. It’s worth a try, even if only for a few minutes.

2. A Dedicated Desk or Table

Any flat surface will work. Sit down to release tension from your legs and spine so you can focus, then write away. You can also practice sitting stretches to prevent recurring tension if you sit all day for work and come home to write.

3. The Dark

Close those sun-blocking curtains and turn off your lamp. Adjust your computer screen to its lowest brightness. Removing visual stimuli minimizes how much your brain needs to work in the background while you focus on your story.

This is my absolute favorite way to write. When the lights are out and I have my noise-blocking headphones in, I feel transported into my WIP like no other time in my writing life. It’s like hypnotizing yourself. Remember to take breaks and drink water!

4. A Coffee Shop

The sounds of people talking and glasses clinking can be another way to essentially hypnotize your mind into focusing. Try writing in a coffee shop with and without headphones to see how easily your stories flow.

Can’t get to a coffee shop or don’t live close to one? I linked to some YouTube videos in one of my creative writing resources posts that includes the sounds of a coffee shop on a loop for a few hours.

5. A Library

Libraries are also great places to write. They’re much quieter than coffee shops, but you’ll hear the soft shuffling of feet on carpet, pages turning in books, and whispered conversations. Less intense audio input could make all the difference for you.

6. Coworking Spaces

If you have some extra money to burn and want to write like it’s your part-time job (maybe this is most useful during school breaks for students), you could rent a coworking space. Sometimes it’s a cubicle, sometimes a shared desk, and sometimes a private office. You’ll get dedicated time in a quiet location that feels like a workspace, which may subconsciously motivate you even though you’re not on the clock.

7. A Mall

Bring your laptop to the food court and write away. You’ll have all the snacks you need within walking distance and a busy place so you don’t feel alone.

8. A Public Garden

Many public gardens have benches so the people visiting (for free) can hang out. Consider going to one and watching how much you’re able to work on your WIP.

9. A University

You don’t have to enroll in a university to sit on campus or hang out in the library. Just find the university’s specific visitor parking lot and bring whatever you need to write.

10. A Fast-Casual Restaurant

Head into a Panera, Chipotle, McAllisters, or another fast-casual restaurant in your town. The comfortable seating can serve as a new place to write and you’ll can even enjoy your favorite food. Since there aren’t waiters or a host stand, you can sit wherever you want without the pressure to order food.

Find New Places to Write Your Stories

I used to only tune into my stories when I could write in a classroom. After I graduated college, I thought I’d never write like that again. Turns out, I just needed to try new places to write my stories.

Try some of these out for yourself and others you can think of! You may create a new writing routine that works for your current path in life.

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