Weekly Writing Challenge 21: Write a Situation Where Your Protagonist Has to Change Their Tire

Welcome to this week’s writing challenge prompt!

Writers often have to tackle stories or scenes that they have no personal experience with. This week, we’re practicing dealing with that feeling.

(If you know how to change a tire, just enjoy an easy week!)

When you want to write something completely new to you, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Identify your goal (make your character change their tire)
  • Research the steps/training/education necessary to accomplish that goal
  • Write the scene according to your notes

It’s time to look up how to change the tire on your car. If your character would drive something different, research that specific model!

This is a low-stakes story that will flex your research muscles. Embrace the bit of worry that comes with writing something completely new. Take notes on your research and your story will be great.

Remember to make your story engaging outside of the tire-changing event too! Your character should experience a mini plotline that challenges their growth, worldview, identity, or another factor of their life.

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