Writing Career Tips

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  • How Do You Know When Your Manuscript Is Ready to Query?
    You just wrote the last sentence of your novel—congrats! That’s an incredible accomplishment that took hours of your unpaid time and effort. You poured so much of your creative energy into that […]
  • How to Make Money Writing Fiction: 7 Ways to Earn an Income
    Writers eventually start to wonder how to make money writing fiction. It’s absolutely valid to want to earn money off of your craft. You’ve worked hard to hone your skills and spent […]
  • 8 Careers for Creative Writers
    When you tell someone you’re a creative writer, they likely think your professional future is limited. Careers for creative writers are notoriously challenging. It takes a long time to get published and […]
  • How to Receive Constructive Criticism Better
    When I started taking my creative writing seriously, handing out my short stories became a much scarier experience. I wanted everyone’s honest feedback, but I knew it would hurt deeply if someone […]
  • What Are Literary Magazines? Plus 5 Things They Look For in Submissions
    Submitting your work for publication in literary magazines can be nerve-wracking. They outline what they’re looking for when they open for submissions, but it can still seem pretty vague. Here’s everything you […]