100+ Quotes About Creative Writing

Writing can feel lonely sometimes. You’re the only one aware of your story ideas and character creation process. You’re the only person cheering yourself on as you make each story come to life. Reading quotes about creative writing can battle that loneliness and even inspire you. These are some of the most famous inspirational quotes…

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Plot Devices to Complicate Your Story

You’re excited to write an upcoming story, but the plot seems pretty simple from start to finish. How can you make it more complicated to deepen your themes, lengthen the story, or leave your readers with plot twists that make their jaws drop? Try a few of these devices to see what works for each…

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Weekly Writing Challenge 12: Write About Someone Who Gets Lost in the Mountains

Welcome to this week’s writing challenge prompt! When characters get lost in nature, writers often have to heavily rely on their internal monologues. You won’t have other characters to spark conversations or instigate conflict (unless your story includes what happens after your character gets back to town—if they do at all).  This week, try writing…

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How to Make Money Writing Fiction: 7 Ways to Earn an Income

Writers eventually start to wonder how to make money writing fiction. It’s absolutely valid to want to earn money off of your craft. You’ve worked hard to hone your skills and spent countless hours drafting, editing, and rewriting. What are your options for making money writing fiction? Check out these ideas to see what’s right…

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8 Types of Love to Write About Besides Romantic Love

There are so many types of love besides romantic love. Let’s talk about how they can spice up your storylines and challenge you to think about your character development and conflict from a new perspective. Love for Yourself Everyone deserves to love themselves, but we don’t always start there. Characters don’t either. Your story could…

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Weekly Writing Challenge 11: Write About an International Spy

Welcome to this week’s writing challenge prompt! Let’s explore the world undercover through the eyes of your chosen protagonist. What kind of mischief could they get up to as an international spy? A few things to think about as you draft this story: Sometimes writing is just for fun—this week’s prompt doesn’t have a specific…

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8 Careers for Creative Writers

When you tell someone you’re a creative writer, they likely think your professional future is limited. Careers for creative writers are notoriously challenging. It takes a long time to get published and many writers never get that far. It’s also challenging to make a living off short stories because it takes so long to get…

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Positive Affirmations for Writers

Some of my links are affiliate links for things I love. They help me keep this blog up and running, with no extra cost to anything you decide to purchase. If you find anything you like, thank you for supporting our community! Writing can be a lonely craft. If you want to publish anything in…

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